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Sunday, November 1, 2009

5-Gallon Water Containers For Sale in Quezon City

5-Gallon Round (Poly) for Sale - P150
5-Gallon Slim / Faucet for Sale - P150

Pick-up only. Call 513-0915 or 453-3614 and talk to Josie..

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Why drink Alkaline Ionized Water?

You provide protection for your body against diseases by drinking alkaline water. That is because alkaline water is oxygen-rich water. By consuming substantial amount of alkaline water you maintain a healthy internal terrain for internal organs and systems: by neutralizing the acidity inside the body and preventing the toxic build-up, by taking out the metabolized toxic waste and continuously supplying oxygen to the cells of the body. Keeping the body healthy and resistant to cell “rusting” is the “anti-oxidant” properties of alkaline water.

Alkaline water is the better anti-oxidant. Unlike chemical anti-oxidants found in our food supplements, alkaline water carries with hydrogen, that is responsible for supplying energy to the body, and oxygen, that supplies life component of the cells. Along with this is its “janitorial action” by helping eliminate unwanted body wastes.

We can help prolong our health and life by keeping the right supply level of alkaline water inside our body. With its long-term benefits, alkaline water stands incomparable to other forms of common household water, making it a wise, healthy investment. No other kind of water does the job.